How is life of Indian students in France

How is the life of Indian students in France?

The global education system has revolutionized over the past decade wherein European and Asian countries have become better in terms of both education and lifestyle. Demographically, France has developed into an ideal option for international students. Thanks to the quality education and flexible expenses, it is estimated that more than 10,000 students from India are choosing France as their career destination. France is ranked as the most innovative country in Europe and exhibits the same consistency in global education rankings. For years now, it has been the home for Nobel laureates, mathematicians and Olympians. These achievements show the diversified culture of France which has excelled in the favor of youth.

The primary reason why higher education in France has improved significantly is the overall experience that it brings for the student. Apart from the enhanced education of science and technology, it has a rich culture and history which is to be lived to the fullest. Of course, the post-study advantages and well-ranked schools are highly recommended but there is much more to French education and lifestyle.


Students have always had second thoughts about European countries because of the language barrier. Fortunately, French education has taken significant measures to overcome this problem and adapt to better options considering international students. Majority of private universities and most opted courses in public universities now offer education in English. This has encouraged many students from across the world and especially India to fly to France and seek better study-abroad experience.

While studying in a known language is comfortable, learning French isn’t a bad option. French education is nearly free and the cost of completing your course will be reduced to your living expenses and travel charges. This reduces a lot of burden from the shoulders of international students. Usually in other countries, non-natives are charged way higher tuition fee, which results in the withdrawal of many foreign education aspirants. European countries have solved the financial problems for students without compromising much on the quality of education. France with its well-ranked schools and stats is one of the favorite locations for higher education.


Rewarding and pleasant are the words that define French lifestyle. Resting in a physically rich environment, France is surrounded by countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Luxemburg. These countries are major trade partners for the country that also provide business and employment opportunities to its students. The third biggest economy in Europe has a practical environment for business management students and offer great industrial exposure.

On the other hand, France has a rich and diverse culture to offer its international students. Right from food to architecture and natural sceneries, France has it all. The delicious cheese and desserts can only be surpassed by the melodic language that French is. With well-known international gateways, students can move around comfortably while working for different companies and exploring the continent.


There have been annual changes since the famous free education reform in the French education system. While it remains almost free for native students, others who possess the nationality of other countries have to pay higher tuition fees. However, it is nothing to be concerned about because this fee is very reasonable and affordable for any family that has a stable income.

To be more specific, a native student has to pay 170 euros per annum for licensed bachelors program and international students will have to pay 2,770 euros for the same. Similarly, for a master’s program, a native student would be paying 243 euros and international students will pay 3,770 euros. Even though the gap between fee structures is big, it still is very less when compared to USA and UK or even Australia. While these countries arguably have famous schools and prestigious education system France along with other European countries is developing competitively. This is the very reason why more than 20% of students in France are international students.

To make situations more favorable, locations such as Paris that are relatively more expensive have different scholarship programs that are specifically made for students from around the globe. These scholarships attract many Asian students. The already less tuition fee becomes much affordable if the student succeeds in gaining scholarship advantages. On the other hand accommodation and other living expenses don’t have to be expensive. Even in the best urban areas, one could manage his or her expenses for around 850 euros. These figures consider very comfortable conditions and most students find it to be way lesser than the quoted price. The freedom to work part-time reduces the burden of these expenses.

The overall experience of studying in France seems very appealing and it surely is. This is made better with the application procedure for international students which is very refined and apt. Unlike the universities of America or the United Kingdom, they have relatively small and straight criteria for admitting students. The document submission and university meets are made much easier with active education consultancies that work for the welfare of students. In fact, there are 11 offices dedicated to French education that provides free counseling for students interested to study in France.

During 2017-2018, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an initiative named ‘Bonjour’ to strengthen the relationship between India and France. Since then there has been a steady increase in trade and education exchange between the countries. Bonjour included more than 100 programs in 33 different cities to widespread the goodwill of the country and this has benefitted students. Even visa procurement for France is in much better condition for Indian students.

The stats and reviews of students studying in France is a clear indication that France will soon be an undisputed location to study in Europe and thereafter be prioritized for global education. For quality education and great experience, France is definitely the place to be.

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