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Representation and Consultancy

Edu Finn is your trusted and reliable partner in representing your prestigious Institution in India. With over 10 years of impeccable record of representing various academic institutions, Edu Finn has built its own niche. We follow highest standards of transparency and ethical responsibility. Customized strategic plan is developed as per the needs of partnering institution and dedicated resources are committed to execute the same.

Finding the right Joint Degree partner

Education is becoming more global than ever before. No university can claim to be preparing future global professionals without actively engaging with institutions and students across the continents. We help Universities in finding the right Education Institution in India with which they can develop a successful long-term relationship. Edu Finn can help you understand the entire education landscape of India and funnel down to the joint degrees that will be successful in India. Often many MoUs signed between institutions remain on paper and never see the light of the day. Edu Finn is committed to deliver results on any relationship that we help you cultivate in India.

Export of Education: Student Recruitment

India is one of the leading markets to recruit high quality students. No wonder today we see Indian’s at helm of top US organizations like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Pepsi, Mastercard and many more. Thus, India is a strategic market for universities and countries looking at building ling term talent pool in their nation. Edu Finn helps identify the right marketing strategy to access the desired talent pool, which will help address, the skill shortages within your country in the long run. We proud ourselves on making most cost effective recruitment strategies and executing them for our partner universities, so that you can export your education products to Indian market.

Made to Order Programs

We help you design short duration diplomas and long duration degree programs, specifically catering to Indian student requirements. This exercise entails in-depth understanding of the curriculum at Partner University and identifying the key modules, which can be extracted as such or with little customization, from the existing curriculum and packaged together to offer programs ranging from 30 ECTS to 90 ECTS. The customized program serves a niche demand in Indian student community and can be offered to small group ranging from 15-20 students. The student cohort can be based on a specific corporate training requirement or from existing degree students in an Indian university.

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