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New Zealand has eight universities that offer academic programmes, rather than vocational.All New Zealand's universities offer a broad range of subjects for undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral (PhD) degrees in commerce, science and the humanities. Some universities offer degrees in specialist fields - such as medicine, agriculture, engineering, etc.


  • Cost of living is relatively cheaper in New Zealand.
  • The New Zealand education system is modeled after the British system, and as a result, the education obtained in New Zealand is acknowledged in most countries around the world.
  • Easy access to travel in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Endless nature and beautiful geography.
  • New Zealand has more space, smaller classrooms, fewer line ups and fewer crowds.
  • Universities offer a wide range of programs.
  • Welcoming and diverse mix of people.
  • Perfect destination for Adventure Junkies.
  • Safe and stable democratic environment.
  • Well connected to the world.

Major Programs

  • Business - Marketing Management, Accounting Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt,
  • Engineering- Mechanical/ Power/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Civil / Construction/ Quantity Surveying/ IT- Software, Networking, ICT
  • Health & Science: - Health care, Health and Rehabilitation, Agriculture Science, Applied Science, Biomedical, Biotechnology Food and Nutrition Science, Diary, Forestry, Nursing and Midwifery, Geology
  • Other:- Education, Early childhood, Teaching, Visual Arts and Design and Etc.

Student Visa - Required Funds

  • Tuition fees paid after Visa Approval
  • A minimum one year total cost has to be shown for student visa, saved for a period of 6 months.
  • In absence of the savings, applicants can apply under FTS (Funds Transfer Scheme)
  • Under FTS, student has to pay one year total tuition fee at the chosen educational institution and transfer an amount of 15,000 NZD after Approval in Principal (AIP) of the Student Visa.
  • For courses of duration of more than one year, payment plan for the subsequent years have to be shown.

Funding Details

  • Education Loan
  • Bank Balance
  • Fixed Deposits
  • PPF / PF / EPF/ GPF with withdrawal Amount


  • Parents and Parents in Law
  • Both Grand Parents
  • Siblings
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