Discover Finland – Why is Finland the best place to Study?

Finland is one of the most exotic experiences to discover. A land of contrast where untouched and mystical nature meets modern thinking and technological innovation. It’s a mix between East and West – whether you enjoy urban culture and design or wish to spot a bear in the wild, both are possible. The society features safety and equality with a democratic and transparent political system. As a student you will find it to be one of the best study environments you may never have thought of.

World class education

Being consistently ranked no. 1 in world education is a Finnish success story. Top among the Erasmus students as well as ranked in top 2 among international students in the world for past consecutive years, Finland’s education system provides proven results and global career opportunities. In Finland you have the chance to learn from some of the best educators you can find. Education is a top priority and available for everyone.

Safest country in the world

Peace and quiet is a feature of this modern and progressive society. Finland always features among the safest countries to live in. A small population with a high level of trust and equality creates a positive environment. You are free to be you and make your ambitions real. The most reliable handshake is said to be the Finnish one.

Leading the way in digitization

Finland is a global front runner in digitization. In a recent Digibarometer Annual survey, Finland was ranked first out of 22 countries. Measurement was done on three different levels: preconditions, current utilization and the effects of the utilization and in three different sectors: companies, citizens and the public sector. Further proof of how advanced living and innovation is present and making a difference in everyday Finnish life.

Quality of life

Finland is the most functional country in the world. Things just work and get done. That’s Finnish practicality and simplicity for you. As one of the most corruption free countries in the world, freedom of press and of speech are priorities in public discussion. In addition, Finland provides free education, free healthcare and things like free libraries for its citizens. Everything in Finland is based on high quality and equality. Including a high level of basic well being, access to the technological advances and general tolerance. All these factors coupled with the world-class education system add up to Finland being ranked as no. 1 in the highest quality of life in the world.

Endless summers and northern lights

Land of the midnight sun, land of the thousand lakes are some of the descriptions of Finland’s unique landscapes and seasons. Summer nights with 24 hours of sunlight, the kaleidoscope of Autumn colours and the white winter wonderland offer ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences. The spectacular Northern lights await you and so does the diverse Finnish wildlife.

The real Santa, the Moomins and Angry Birds

In the heart of Finnish Lapland lives the Real Santa Claus with his better half, reindeers and elves. This snow filled fantasy invites you to see the legend in action. You might also be familiar with the Moomins; white and roundish hippo-like characters whom you can visit in the Moomin world in Naantali. And what comes to Angry Birds and their endless battle with piggies — you’ll see that they’re not living on your screen only.

Great Personal growth

You will experience great personal growth. Studying abroad means living in a completely different culture, and you might even face a cultural shock. But not to worry: you will enjoy your time here, since it has been proven that Finland has the highest standard of living when it comes to basic needs, foundations of well-being and personal freedom (Social Progress Index 2016). Sooner or later you will become familiar with the Finnish habits and lifestyle and start adopting them in your own behavior. Through this process, you will become more independent, confident and open – and maybe a little bit Finnish as well.

Learn new Languages, make new Friends

You will learn new languages. Studying in English in a Finnish university is like a high-class language course. You don’t have to know Finnish to be understood here: Finland ranks as #5 in fluency of English compared to other non-English-speaking countries.. In addition to academic English and daily chit-chat, you might learn some Finnish. You will make a lot of new friends. Studying in Finland University means that you are studying in a highly collaborative and international environment. International students are really happy here; Finland was ranked as second among European countries in international student satisfaction (Study Portals)..

Valuable International Experience

You will gain valuable international experience. We are living in a world that knows no boundaries. You might build an international career or you might return to your home country filled with new experiences, knowledge and a world-class academic degree. Studying abroad gives you valuable insights about adapting to and understanding different cultures.

For parents:

In choosing Finland you are sending your children to study in one of the safest and most stable countries in the world.

Personal safety and focus

Everyday life for students is uncluttered and focused in one of the best studying environments the world has to offer. Everything is done to ensure a smooth integration for students to succeed from the start. With a small population and modern society students have the best of both worlds – time with their professors to craft their skills and time for themselves to learn more about who they are, what they are passionate about and how to put that knowledge into practice.

Look wisely into the future

Finnish qualifications are internationally recognized with an Alumni network that is always ready to welcome new members. Investing in overseas education is a big choice, but our proven results ensure that is a wise one.

Easy to Approach Faculty:

Finland has very flat organizational systems. There is very low hierarchy. It ensures all the staff members, including professors, lecturers and other faculty, are always easy to approach and they are more than happy to assist students towards their academic and career goals

Friendly & open culture:

Finland has very open & friendly environment both inside & outside the Universities. For integration with colleagues, each university has lot of active student bodies. These student unions organize large number of indoor & outdoor activities for the students to integrate well into the system. Its huge fun throughout the year!

Acceptance Of Finnish Education:

Your child will be studying in the world’s most respected education system. Right from Primary education till PhD, Finnish education has established itself as benchmark of quality. PhD students are provided with salary-paying positions thus they get guaranteed financial support to engage in research and study.

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